Over come your own barriers

Do you ever tell yourself you don’t have time to work on yourself?


You know you should train yourself off horse, work on your imbalances and weaknesses etc because you know it will make you a better rider for your horse but………..insert appropriate excuses. 


If your horse needed extra feeds, maybe extra training or rehab sessions you’d find the time wouldn’t you? 


I find with most things exercise/performance related the time, money etc is not the issue it’s the mindset of the person that makes the most difference.


If you ask any athlete how/why they made it they will tell you two things 1) They made sacrifices elsewhere -not watching box sets every evening, no lie ins etc 2) Anything is possible if you want it enough.


I don’t buy the “I get home late argument” as I don’t consider 7-8pm late, I also don’t consider 6am the earliest time you could possibly get up if you needed to. 


I also don’t think the majority of horses need working every day at the expense of you spending a session focused on you.


Again it comes down to over coming your own barriers. 


No one said you needed to spend 2 hours in the gym every night, you don’t need to smash yourself up and then ride with severe DOMS for a full week afterwards.


However you do need to take some responsibility for your part to play in your partnership with your horse. You should want to be the best rider you can be in order to help your get you where you want to be.


Are you stable enough to support your own body weight and control it on top of your horse?


Are you aware of what your body is up to when you can’t actually see it? What do your shoulders do when you turn left? What is your lower leg doing in Canter?


And if it’s not doing what it should be…..how do you stop it?


These are things you can be working on off horse that will have a huge benefit to you and your horse.


You may choose to take up Pilates, Yoga, join a gym class or maybe work with someone equestrian specific like myself. They all have the potential to be of benefit.

If you want to improve your own performance enough you will make the time.


If you’re really pushed I’ve got an online twice weekly programme that is just 20-30 minutes per session, zero equipment and you can do it at home any time that suits you!




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