At the top of Equestrian Sport in Racing, Eventing, Dressage etc. Much attention is paid to the fitness of the horse. They are the athletes after all. This is the same for the everyday rider. We spend time and money on ensuring our horse is fit and healthy to carry out his activities.

But what about you? After all riding is a sport and that therefore makes you an athlete too! In order to perform at our best, to get the best out of our horses and ensure we are pulling our weight in the partnership we must also get ourselves in peak condition.

This doesn't have to mean slogging away for hours in the gym if that's not your thing. It is important to ensure you are physically fit enough to stay alert and breathing well for the duration of a cross country round if that's your sport, but it is also important to ensure you are well balanced, supple and symmetrical in order to give clear, concise aids to your horse to improve your partnership together.

If you are not fortunate enough to ride everyday it can also seem difficult to improve on these things when you are only managing a once weekly lesson, or the odd hack.

Equestrian Fitness can help you with that!

Equestrian Fitness designs workouts to be done out of the saddle to improve your performance in it, using EquiPilates, Biomechanics and Yoga  along with the more classic exercise protocols depending on your needs.

Equestrian Fitness is designed for riders wanting improve their riding position, symmetry and communication with their horse by incorporating exercises into their routine when they are not riding.

Equestrian Fitness focuses on creating symmetry, strength and flexibility.


From dealing with that wonky hip, sticky out toe or just helping you keep up with a days hunting Equestrian Fitness can design the programme for you.

All of programmes our bespoke, and tailored to your exact needs and desires. We can design programmes for the rider wanting to get in peak shape in the gym or the rider wanting to be more flexible from home.

Contact us today to discuss your needs! nicola@equestrianfitness.co.uk



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Biomechanics, Posture and Performance for the Equestrian