About Equestrian Fitness

Equestrian Fitness is a combination of both my passions in life. Horses and Fitness.

I have ridden pretty much my whole life, having had a pony from 8 years old. More recently I have also taken up Carriage Driving.

However my fitness journey did not begin until my 20's following a back injury. It didn't begin as a journey to get super fit (I'm still not!); But my Doctors advice if I wanted to keep riding was to get fit and stay that way. It turns out once I got into fitness-I loved fitness!

However it hasn't been a smooth ride, I was diagnosed as Hypermobile (my joints are extra loose & wobbly) which also causes chronic pain and fatigue. I have had (and still have) many biomechanical issues because of this; it affects my ability in the gym and my susceptibility to injury but it also has a huge effect on my riding. I was unbalanced, not sat straight and struggled to give precise aids. It was because of this that I developed an interest in Biomechanics and Corrective Exercise.

I have used this system myself to overcome and almost nearly (not quite where I want it yet) correct a severely tilted pelvis, S bend in my spine, overly dominant hip flexors and inability to maintain a consistent contact. Oh and my right foot used to point right! I'll be honest I am still on my journey but I'm not constantly sending my horse left all the time or turning my foot out so definite improvements!

I understand that not everyone wants to spend hours in the gym to improve their riding. Whilst it is correct that improving your health and fitness will improve your riding, not everyone wants or needs to spend hours in the gym.

Equestrian Fitness focuses on unlocking muscle spasms, tightness and under active muscles whilst improving strength and suppleness overall.

We can also work on your general fitness and nutrition too!

Equestrian Fitness uses elements of Intrinsic Biomechanics, Pilates, Sports Yoga, Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise to help you unlock your potential and communicate more effectively with your horse whilst riding. All this without spending hours in the gym!

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage
Level 3 FA Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Jon Pitt Foundation Coach
Biomechanics Trainer and Equipilates ™ Instructor
Biomechanics Education - ImoveFreely
The Body Athletic-Sports Yoga-Trained with Sarah Ramsden Yoga Instructor at Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC.
Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Biomechanics, Posture and Performance for the Equestrian