Are you arguing with the right party?

Classic scenario you ask, don’t get, you keep asking, getting annoyed and applying stronger aids.

Are you arguing with the right party?

Is it your horse not responding or are you not actually asking accurately?

When you’re riding and it’s not going to plan how often do you tune in to what you’re doing that’s not working?

Not riding a straight line? Are you stacked up in a straight line?

Not achieving impulsion, collection or softness? Is your body energised, collected or soft?

If you change your body position, tension level or just your energy how does that change your horse?

Being fit to ride is not about hitting strength numbers or timed runs, it’s about the ability to tune into the different parts of your body and be able to adapt or change to create change within your horse.

Next time it’s not going right, instead of trying to make the change in your horse, tune into yourself, make a change and see what happens.

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