You can’t do PSG if you didn’t nail Prelim

You can’t do PSG if you didn’t nail prelim.

Sometimes the basic tuff can be the hardest to master and it can be easy to skip but it will show up somewhere down the line….

This is how I approach training riders off horse. If they don’t have a good basic squat and hip hinge pattern we don’t progress to the sexy looking stuff like heavy lifting or balance boards etc. This might mean the first few months of training feel slow and repetitive but it’s really important to master the basic movement patterns so you have a solid foundation before you start to progress to more technical movements. 

Think of it like training your horse. If your Canter transitions were a bit hit and miss at Prelim, you might get away with it in terms of overall score so you don’t really tackle the issue. However as you start to move up the levels and need to add in Canter to Walk, Walk to Canter or Flying Changes, Tempi Changes etc; that woolly Canter transition is going to come back to haunt you. It’s going to be impossible to progress unless you go back and master the first aid you need! 

So don’t be tempted to rush straight in to the fancy bells and whistles multi movement, instability training or whatever it is you’ve seen on Instagram. Start at the beginning and master your basic movement patterns really feeling the muscles working and then programme in some body awareness to help you self assess at every stage. 

Then once you’ve got this you can have some fun and up the ante’ and not only are you more likely to be able to do it, you’re also less likely to build up detrimental movement patterns or injure yourself in the process!

Nail your Prelim before you skip to PSG! 

Want some help? I’ve got a couple of spaces for 121 in person or online to help you take your first steps. 

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