Worlds Strongest Equestrian?

You may not think equestrians and the worlds strongest man have much in common, but if you have a look at the events these guys do they may start to look fairly familiar.

Farmers carry- carry two heavy objects in your for a set distance-y'know like water buckets.

Atlas stones/keg carry-pick up an awkward shaped object carry or lift it onto something-say for example bags of feed/shavings either stacked or out in a feed bin

Car deadlift-anyone else got one of those two wheeled wheelbarrows? We fill it with manure from the field and then we walk it to the muck heap-they just stand still with theirs!

And the tyre flip-ever tried to flip a round bale of hay?

So what am I getting at? As horse owners we are pretty much performing some sort of strongman task daily.So if you want to get fit so that all of these daily tasks feel easier then you may want to consider not deviating too much from the tasks themselves.

So how about little yard fun with this circuit. Ok I'll give you the gym version too if you would rather do it were the regular people exercise. If you are new to exercise you can use objects that are lighter and/or do less reps, just be creative and have fun!

Carry two water buckets, bales of straw or kettlebells/Dumbbells from one place to another say 20 metres and then back again. repeat 10 times

Pick up a bag of feed and hold in on your front. Squat with it 10 times- less if you're struggling! In the gym you can either use a sandbag or place a barbell in the crook of your elbows for a zercher squat.

With a full wheelbarrow (put bags of feed or loads of manure in it)try running as fast as you can between two points. In the gym if your gym has a prowler or sled, great use that if not push a heavy sandbag.

Cue huge intake of equestrian women at 2017 strongman events 😹

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