Why Train out of The Saddle to be better in the Saddle?

So what are the benefits of training out of the saddle? Well firstly, there is no horse to be controlled. You can focus solely on your own body, what it is doing, how it moves, feels and reacts.

Any areas of tightness or tension can be dealt with better on the ground, additional aids may be needed i.e straps for stretching, massage equipment like foam rollers or trigger point balls to release muscular tension.

Performing additional core work off your horse will have a huge benefit when you get back on board, and particularly if you are a leisure rider and perhaps only ride a couple of times per week, think of all those extra hours you could spend honing your muscles to perform better when you ride.

If your stamina is an issue, say you run out of puff during your lessons, mid way across country or out with the hunt, then additional cardio vascular training will improve this without your tiredness having to impact on your horse.

Of course a full, structured exercise plan will have the most benefit, but if you aren't up for that just some basic stretching exercises to work on your own body's areas of tightness could take 10 mins per day  yet transform your riding.

If you would like some help feel free to contact me, basic plans can be tailored exactly to your needs for just £30!

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