Why should you do Anti Rotation Training

As part of my clients training programmes I often include Anti Rotation or Anti Tip training.

This entails a movement that uses one side of the body which would encourage it to twist but instead you must resist those forces and stay straight ahead.

Why is this helpful for riders?

If your horse is asymmetrical it’s you as the riders job to assist with making him more symmetrical. So for example if your horse twists you to the right it’s your job to ride straight and encourage the horse back underneath you. Can you imagine how much easier this is if your body is already trained to resist an external pull and remain straight ahead anyway.

This also comes in useful when things go awry. If your horse shoots sideways unexpectedly your body is better equipped to maintain it’s balance under external forces.

Exercises I like to include to help with this are:

Plank Shoulder Taps

Landmine Single Arm Presses

Forward, Back or Side Lunges with the same side arm loaded.

Single Arm loaded Squat

Single leg Deadlift

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