Where Did 2017 Take You?


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and had at least a small break to spend some time with your horse.

I just want to ask you to spend some time over the next few days reflecting on how 2017 has been for you.

Do you remember those goals you set right back in January? How did you get on with those?

Did you smash them? Did you maybe make some progress but you aren’t there yet? Or did you write them off mid-year and tell yourself next year?

Perhaps your goals have changed?

Personally some of my goals from 2017 are nowhere near at fruition, some of them have changed completely but some have also made great progress. I have opened my studio, set up my classes, worked at some Horse Camps and backed at least one of my ponies-oh and lifelong dream of having an arena came true!

I’ve achieved some great things both personally and professionally this year (I’m not just showing off bear with me!) but along the way there have been ups, downs, twists and turns, yet because I had clear plans no matter how small the steps I have kept moving forward and this has given me a head start and clearer vision of where I want 2018 to take me.

So I want you to reflect in the same way:

  • What went well this year for you and your horse this year?
  • What didn’t go so well this year?
  • Where would you like to be this time next year?
  • What steps are you going to take to get there?

Then it’s time to start planning 2018!

I’d love to hear your 2018 Goals riding and fitness related or otherwise; share them with me and we can be each other’s accountability in 2018.

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