What If You Could See Yourself?

I hope you have enjoyed the recent exercise based blogs. Let me know if you would like more of the same or indeed anything else?

Today I just want to give you a little tip on how to make some great improvements in your riding for very little time or money.

Just by using your smart phone or tablet. Oh and you might need a friend to hold it.

Have you ever videoed yourself riding? It can be really eye opening and in fact a really simple way to help you improve. Often with our bodies, what we think it is doing is not necessarily what it is doing. Or perhaps you have a little habit you are not aware of-looking down, tipping forward or nagging with your legs. The suddenly you watch yourself on a video and you realise why you are not getting your desired result.

It can be so powerful to video your lesson or even part of it and see for yourself what your instructor sees and how you respond to the instructions given. I have found myself better able to correct my position after I have watched it in action. Next time I am on board I am able to re consider where my head or hands are or if I am sat straight.

So, why not try this out for yourself, have a friend or trainer video you riding and then watch it back and see where you can improve.

I’d also love to see some of your videos so send them over!


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