What do you want?

You may remember a few weeks ago I talked about goal setting and breaking them down into 12 week blocks. Following on with that set yourself smaller monthly and even weekly targets to keep you on track.

I also set a #theme for my whole year as when life throws up challenges, curve balls etc. and goals may have to amended or changed it reminds me of the bigger picture. 2016 was #learngrowbalance to highlight the amount of learning I wanted to do this year-tick! Grow to help me to grow as a person and a business-tick! And finally balance to remind me to take time out for myself and switch off-tick!

Despite my suggestion of #deadorprogress for 2017 in discussion with a friend I have decided on #nextchapter. This is due to my business entering a new chapter as I will be doing lots more things next year for people to get involved with and improve their fitness including Yoga for Equestrians!

But also very excitingly it is time to finally officialy get on board/in harness with my girls Pearl and PoppyMay next year! Having had Pearl for 4 years this has been a long time coming!

So, that’s got a 12 week plan too to keep me on track and make sure I keep doing the little steps that add up to a lot.

What are your riding/horse goals for 2017? What will your # be? Hit reply and let me know! I have diarised to follow up with you in 12 weeks to see how you’re getting on.

Also, it would be great as my readers if you could let me know what you would like me to write about. What do you need help with?

Hit reply and let me help you reach your 2017 goals!

In the meantime, Enjoy Your New Years Eve and I look forward to seeing you in 2017!

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