What do you need to work on?

Are you self aware as a rider?

Do you ever evaluate your own performance?

It’s too often I see/hear riders listing their schooling issues and the multiple ways in which their horse causes them. 

It’s less often that I hear riders list the ways they are creating, contributing or at very least certainly not fixing a problem with their schooling.

Yet, often when I teach riders on horse or go through an exercise off horse for them to transfer to their riding, we change the rider and it fixes the horse. 

So, was the horse ever the problem in the first place? Or was it reacting to a rider not communicating in a way the horse understood?

It’s tough, I get it. You try so hard and it can still feel like you’re getting nowhere. 

The best riders I know spend time looking at how they could be better, and they go away and work on it. 

Whether that’s something they can work on whilst riding or something they need to work on off horse; they put the work in to better themselves and the end result we see is a better partnership with their horse. 

I want you to think about that this weekend. 

Whatever your schooling issue with your horse, what could you be doing better to help that? How could you be miscommunicating and what do you need to work on to fix it?

Not sure what you need to be doing better? Hit me up it’s my job to help riders use their own bodies better to communicate with their horse!

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