What are you getting up early for?

I was reading an interview in Horse & Hound with Annabelle Pidgley-The girl who now owns Charlotte Dujardins horse Pumpkin.

Now, it cannot be disputed that Annabelle has the financing and horse power to help her achieve great things in her Dressage career; Pretty sure she’s going to be in the top rankings one day.

However there is something else she needs and indeed does have that cannot be bought - Hard Graft.

In this interview Annabelle says that to fit riding around school work she gets up at 4am to ride two horses before 7am so that when she comes home she can do her homework or have lessons with her trainers.  Just let that sink in……………4am!! That’s a girl prepared to make things happen.

I see this pattern in lot’s of my clients. They get up early, manage their time well and fit in horses, fitness and often children around demanding careers too. So it certainly isn’t a lack of other things to do on their side!

If you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s hard work;  but if you want something enough you’ll make it happen.

The thing is, I get it. Getting up early (I get up at 5am most days) working to a military schedule to fit it all in and ending the day late and very tired can seem a bit much, however I see people who don’t get up super early or  finish late  to fit in riding or training and they still feel tired and are also unfulfilled because they aren’t achieving any of their goals. 

Which one do you think is generally happier? Obviously, it’s the one’s who get up early and get stuff done working towards their goals!

You see if you really want something and you take steps to make it happen, the sense of achievement and doing the thing you love is what keeps you going.

If you have goals in life it’s up to you to make them happen.

You can say that other people have less to do, less demanding jobs etc but in my experience with my clients they don’t have less to do they just fit more in. They are prepared to sacrifice watching the latest drama series, or the weekend lie in because they know achieving what they set out to will make them happy.

So, it’s totally fine if you’ve read this and thought “yeh I’d rather watch the box set and have the lie in” but if you have other responsibilities too you may have to accept you aren’t going to achieve the big horsey goals too.

However if you read this and thought “hell yeah I’m going to make stuff happen” Firstly, you are my kind of people and secondly I’d love to know what you’re going to be getting up early to achieve?

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