Unmounted Core Fitness Can Improve Rider Symmetry

This weeks Horse and Hound reports that a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh showed that riders who participated in a core fitness programme significantly improved their symmetry in the saddle than those who did not do core work.

Now I have actually already got a piece winging it's way to you later today about why it is important to be symmetrical in the saddle, but if you may have already read Horse & Hound and are now raring to go here is more details on some core exercises.

So First up.

Bridge. Lying on your back, knees bent, feet square, tilt your pelvis and roll your back up to create a straight line with your knees, hold and then roll back down. 10-20 reps

bridge pic


BirdDog.Kneeling on all fours, raise your opposite arm and leg-right arm-left leg, keeping your middle still, core engaged, back flat. Return to start and repeat other side. 10-20 reps each side.

birddog pic


Half Plank. Lie flat on your stomach and raise yourself onto your elbows form a straight line with your torso but keep your knees on the floor . Your core should be engaged . Hold for 30-60 secs

half plank pic

And if Half Plank is Too Easy

Plank.Raise up onto your elbows and toes maintaining a straight line in your body back stays flat. Hold for 30-60 secs

full plank pic

Happy Planking Folks!

And as always if you want a little more help, have any questions or comments drop me an email: nicola@equestrianfitness.co.uk


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