Unleashing your inner Dressage Diva

How did you get on with neutral spine last week?

This week I want to look at how your pelvis moves when you ride.

This has a huge impact on how you give aids and move with your horse.

Think about it, if you were asking for an aid on the left and as you shifted your seat your left hip lifted, but as you gave the same aid on the right your right hip perhaps didn’t move at all that isn’t clear communication is it?

The seat bones and pelvis are also your main communication tool. Using it effectively means you can give almost invisible aids to lengthen or shorten strides or to move left or right. Like watching a Grand Prix Dressage test, you see some tiny leg aids but very little else? That’s because they are asking with their seat.

If you have never tuned into your seat in this detail before why not spend a little time now whilst we aren’t striving for peak performance for competition etc to give it some focus. I promise you, tuning into your seat bones will make your aids way more effective and yet way more invisible-basically we are unleashing your inner dressage diva.

Again if you aren’t riding you could practice this on a gym ball, on a chair or standing up-you could probably try it sat on your sofa.


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