Toes Turning Out When You Ride?

Do your toes turn out when you ride?
No matter how many times your instructor pulls on them or tells you to point them forward they just won't comply.

Well, it may be that you have a tight piriformis. The piriformis muscle starts at the lower spine and connects to the top of your thigh bone, which means it goes directly through your pelvis with the Sciatic nerve running directly beneath it. In some people the sciatic nerve actually runs through piriformis causing chronic sciatica.

Signs of a tight Piriformis can literally be a pain in the Butt! Or indeed Sciatic pain, running down your leg to the foot, very low back pain/stiffness and as mentioned turny out toes (that is the technical term)

So, I know although the science is interesting you’re not that bothered your just thinking, yep that's great but how do I stop my toes sticking out!

Well, this is a little piriformis release that is incredibly low impact that literally almost anyone can do.

You can do this sitting or lying on your back whichever is most comfortable.
Cross your left foot over your right knee ensuring the left ankle bone is clear of the right knee – so your lower leg will be resting just above the knee. Your left knee will fall out, press your hand onto this knee and resist your knee against your hand at around 20% effort for 20 secs, rest and repeat x 4.

This won’t actually feel like you are doing very much, but I promise if you do this 3-4 times per day you will notice a difference. Turny forward toes (another technical term) will be yours!

Seated piriformis release              lying Piriformis release


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