Time Saving Rider Fitness

Last week I said you should be sticking to your exercise habit as much as possible so here’s some Inspiration to help you out.

I know you might be thinking “ but Nicola I’m already pressed for time with a horse, job, family as it is” Firstly I’ve got classes full of ladies with the same commitments and they turn up for an hour every week. Also I heard a podcast with German Dressage Rider Jessic Von Bredlow and alongside riding 5-7 horses per day and having a child she fits in a couple of rounds of Sun Salutations every morning- she does about 3 rounds each side and it takes about 4 minutes so no excuses. If you want to follow suit the here’s a Sun Salutation video for you to follow along to. Sun salutations are great for a full body stretch out and promoting symmetry.

However if you want something a little more like gym work here are a couple of options you can still fit in to 4 minutes.

Pick 2 exercises and set a timer for 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Alternate the 2 exercises each round so you will do 4 of each. That’s 4 minutes exercise you can make as tame or heavy as you like.

No equipment:

Squats - Press Ups




KB/DB Swings

Weighted Squats 


Single arm overhead press

Single Leg Deadlift 


Pure Cardio option.


Kb Swing


Lunge Jumps

Mountain climbers 

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