The devils in the detail

When it comes to riding very often the devil can be in the detail. Something barely noticeable to you or someone watching could make all the difference to how your horse performs what you’ve asked of him.

That’s why having mastery of your own body is vital to improving your performance. 

Particularly in Dressage when the smallest percentage can make all the difference. When getting equal scores for a movement left to right knowing how you behave differently on each rein can be a huge help. 

When you train it’s really important to focus on exactly how your body reacts. 

I always say I can tell how someone’s body reacts whilst riding by watching them squat. Hip shimmy’s, more weight one way than the other, turning from the shoulders, tipping forward…………

If we can get someone to first notice that and then fix it in the squat they have addressed the asymmetry which then transfers over into their riding. 

It’s not just the squat though, whenever you’re performing an exercise really check in to what muscles are working, how they move and travel and how that may be a pattern in your riding too. 


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