Strong All Over

I’m pretty sure as an Equestrian you’ve been told you need a strong core but what about the rest of you? 

I know you may think you have a pretty strong set of arms from all that lifting of feed bags, strong legs from the riding itself but do you really? If you’ve been doing that stuff a while your body will have adapted and this won’t be a huge challenge to your muscles, however when you then put it into a different a stimulus say for example a bigger more powerful horse or perhaps actually a less balanced horse, maybe a more technical movement you just can’t get your body to do it.

Well, a stronger might help a little, but you’re also going to need stronger legs to hold that horse together and stronger shoulders to keep that rein contact and it needs to be able to work as a whole unit maintaining strength from top to bottom. 

This is starting to sound like a major gym session isn’t it……

Don’t worry I know you probably don’t have time for that (if you do and want some help with your gym programme get in touch!)

So, here are a couple of moves that will help you build strength from top to bottom. 


Burpees - I’m sorry I know everyone hates them but they really do offer a lot of bang for your buck.


Press Ups-If you can’t do a full one, raise your hands on a sturdy table and still do the full position, as you get stronger you can take your hands lower.


Tri Planar Lunge-If you want to add weights you can, whether that be a water bottle or a bag of feed!

Try doing 10 of each for 3 to 4 circuits.


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