Stretch out Your Sciatica

So last week we started with some anti-spasm exercises to try and eliminate any muscle spasm in the glute area.

Have you been doing your homework? If not please start them for at least a week before adding in the stretches. As I mentioned last week stretching a muscle in spasm will potentially make it worse so to be on the safe side we must treat any potential spasm before we move onto stretching.

If you have keep it up and add on these stretches. Both of these will stretch directly the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. It is important to try and relax as much as possible – I know that can be difficult if it hurts so take some long, slow and deep breaths as you stretch it out.



Starting on all fours, take your right leg diagonally underneath you, send your left leg back as far as it will go. Keep your hips square. You can also lean forward to increase the stretch. Hold for 60 secs









Figure 4 Stretch.

Bend both knees, cross your right ankle over your left knee and lift your left leg up, taking hold behind the knee. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed. Repeat other side. Hold for 60 secs

fig 4






Try and do these stretches every day if you are suffering, after doing the anti spasm exercises.

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