Strengthen your Seat

When we talk about the seat what are we actually referring to? 


Well it comprises a lot of things. 


Firstly your pelvis,  and then as part of that here are your seat bones-which are the bony bits under your bum (no your bum isn’t too fat you can definitely feel them if you sit on your hands)


Your pelvic floor which is a sling of muscles on your erm….undercarriage.


Then there are the muscles of the hips, the inner thighs and the glutes.


In some ways your abs also play a part as they form part of your pelvis stability. As do some of the muscles of your back.


And worth a mention is your breathing as this can also affect how all of these muscles work together.


On the one hand this is great as it means you have a huge support system to create a light but stable seat. But on the other hand it means if you want to improve your seat there is not one single area that would definitely fix the problem.


However that is why I tend to use multi benefit exercises I.e exercises that perhaps recruit the outer hips and glutes, or maybe the abdominals and breath work, hips and abs together, lower back and glutes…...and of course all of these things will form part of my 121 sessions and classes so we aren’t leaving any stone unturned.


So, what can you do at home that will cover these basis and improve your seat?


Breathing leg floats-I like this as a really simple gym ball exercise to co ordinate breathing and movement. You can do it seated as if on a chair or in a more “on horse” position and co ordinate with giving a leg aid.

Curtsy Lunge-This works the glutes, outer hip and to some extent the inner thigh so all those big muscles that will help to stabilise your pelvis. If you also do it trying to maintain a more upright posture you will recruit your abdominals and back muscles too-winner!

Seat Bone Awareness-Just bringing awareness to your seat bones when you ride and allowing them to follow the movement of your horse can have a huge impact on how you sit and how you communicate with your horse. 

Try these out and let me know how you get on! 


If you’d like to join us in class or 1 2 1 to improve your riding hit reply and we can get you started.


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