Stick A Ball In Your Bum!

Stick a Ball In Your Bum Before you get on!
So in the third and final email in our Sciatica focus we are going to go through an exercise to do to release your Sciatic Nerve and also an exercise you can try before you get on and ride.
So firstly, Sciatic Nerve Flossing-I know it’s as sexy as it sounds!
Sciatic Nerve flossing helps to stretch and release any areas that the Sciatic Nerve may have become stuck . I’ll be honest start gently with these and only do 8-10 per leg per day for the first week and work up to 20 as if your Sciatic Nerve is really stuck it can get quite upset!

• Sit in a chair with the feet flat on the floor.
• Straighten the one leg and tuck your chin into the chest.
• Lower the leg and look up towards the ceiling.

Now finally we are going to do a little exercise you can do at home as part of your routine, but I also like to do it just before I ride to help relax my Piriformis (the muscle next to your sciatic nerve). Riding with a tight Piriformis can make it difficult to have a light seat.

So you are going to take a ball (either a spiky physio ball, hard lacrosse ball or a tennis ball) and sitting on a hard chair or the floor place it under your bum cheek. Then you are just going to roll around on it to help release the muscle –sometimes you feel a pop so don’t be alarmed if you do! Then take it out and before you go to the other side see how different the sides of your bum feel-weird huh? The do the other side so you are even.

Let me know if you try this and if any of these exercises have helped!

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