Stable Seat

Hip Stability is the key to seat stability and indeed stability of the legs.

There are some big muscles involved in stabilising the Pelvis, as well as some small ones and they all need to work together when you ride to enable your pelvis to be a solid foundation for your body.

Briefly, we are looking at the Glutes (that’s your bum), the abductors which are the outside of your hip, the adductors which are the inner thigh (although I find few riders struggle with strength here) and to some degree the hamstrings at the back of the leg, the quads at the front and the abdominals.

As discussed last week, toes turning out can be a sign that the hip muscles are not able to stabilise correctly.

Lack of hip stability can also present as a wobbly lower leg, tipping forward or back and difficulty sitting to a horses’ movement.


There are lots of exercises to work hip stability but here are a couple of my favourites.



Single Leg Lift


Rev Lunge Knee Up

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