Stable Hands Stable Seat

So, last week we talked about creating a connection across the full body to enable both stable hands and stable hips to fire at the same time-it’s tough I know!


We worked on a Turkish Get Up which is a great exercise that can be done at home to improve your ability to stabilise your hips and shoulders at the same time.


This week I want to look at some exercises that can be added to your gym routine. 


The Overhead Squat - With a Barbell over your head, arms wide, squat low keeping your arms just behind your head (they might try and creep forward).


Forward Lunge Overhead press. This adds some slightly more tricky movement to co-ordinate and it’s really important to try and lunge and press at EXACTLY the same time.


The Deadlift-on the face of it you think this is just lower body however to maintain good posture getting the bar off the floor you need to retract your shoulder blades and really work hard to stabilise as you lift. Also, working to pull some serious weight off the floor will make a huge difference to your overall strength which in turn will not only make riding a bit easier but also all those heavy lifting yard jobs… you’ll have more energy to ride!


Gym work might feel like the last thing you want to be doing after riding and yard work but as a rider you are an athlete, you expect your horse to be fit for purpose so you should be too! The stronger and fitter you are, the better your body is able to cope with all that riding and mucking out. You will have more energy and find work easier and bar the unavoidable stamping and bashing you will be les prone to injury and general aches and pains.


If you would like to up your strength work I have space for 1 2 1 Clients, so hit reply and we can get started.

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