Single Leg Training for Symmetry

Last week we looked at moving the Pelvis and seat bones in symmetry. 

If we lack control in this area it can either present itself as stiffness or as “crazy hip” I.e excessive movement. 

Both of these things can be due to a lack of stability. Sometimes when we lack stability the body locks up and decreases movement, and sometimes…..well you get crazy hip! Either way working to increase stability in the hips individually can really help to improve your ability to control the seat bones.

As we want to continue to spot and therefore improve on any weakness left to right it can be really useful to add single leg/hip training into your routine.

Single leg work will highlight whether you are more stable on your left or right (you will most likely spot a correlation with your riding) and training it on its own stops it from using the other side for help. 

Here a couple of single leg exercises starting with no equipment and you can add weights/equipment to if you want to progress them. 

Single Leg Bridge.

From a regular bridge position lift one leg in the air and continue to keep the tail bone tucked under, pushing with the glutes to lift the bridge up and down. To make this harder you could put your standing leg on a gym ball or hold a weight on your stomach.


Single leg Deadlift.

Hinging at the hip, the aim is to create a horizontal straight line with the lifted leg and your torso. The core remains tight and as much as possible keep your hips level. You can make this harder by standing on a wobble board/wobble cushion or by holding a weight in your hands. 



Nicola x

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