Rider Alignment

So as you know I recently went on a biomechanics trainer and Equipilates course with the fabulous Lindsay Wilcox Reid.

When we learnt about rider alignment Lindsay uses a great method of splitting your body into boxes to simplify checking your alignment.

As I have previously mentioned your alignment when riding is very important for both yours and your horses ongoing postural health. A problem with your alignment can affect your horses way of going and long term could cause back pain or lameness.

So let’s have a look at you.

We will split your body into three boxes when on a horse. Your pelvic box -your hips, your rib cage box and your head box.

This is a really easy exercise to do with a friend on the ground to see how you stack up........

So firstly how does your pelvic box look? Is it central in the saddle? Shifted one way or the other? Is it further forward on one side or the other? Does it tilt forward or back? Your helper can gently guide you into better alignment if needs be (gently though if it won't go or is painful get yourself checked out by a Physio or biomechanics coach).

Your rib cage box. Is it sat on top of your pelvic box equally. Does it shift left or right, tilt up or down? Your chest should be open but not pointing upwards (more on your headlights later ladies).

And finally your head box. How does that sit on top of your rib box? Are you looking up or down? Jutting your head forward or maybe it's lopsided?

How do all your boxes stack up on top of each other?

If some of your boxes are wonky, are they easily corrected now you are aware of them, sometimes this can be all it takes for you to spot when you are off centre.

If not and you struggle to maintain the required position book yourself in with a physio, sports therapist or biomechanics coach preferably with equestrian experience who will be able to give you some corrective exercises to straighten you back out.

If are based near me I now offer a biomechanics assessment service or if you are not near me but have a diagnosis from a physiotherapist I can also provide you with an equestrian specific rehab plan.

Just drop me an email to discuss your requirements.

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