Restore Equilibrium

As riders it’s inevitable that we are going to fall off at some point. Even if you don’t sustain any noticeable injuries, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected you.

If you did suffer an injury, what did you do about it before getting back on your horse.

Even if you didn’t fall off it’s possible a bucking episode or a shoving over by your horse can still injure you- ‘I’ve had plenty of whiplash from bucking and long reining incidents.

But what do we do as follow up……? Nothing!

Yet if your horse takes so much as an off step you probably phone the Physio, maybe get him a massage. If your horse does get injured, you have experts on the case and a full return to work rehabilitation programme.

If you get injured? A hot bath and some ibuprofen…….and if it’s really serious maybe a couple of weeks on light duties too.

Yet, I see so many riders with multiple areas of tension, dysfunctional movement patterns and a whole heap of pain issues all related to a full fax roll of incidents they’ve had throughout the years. At every stage they did nothing to restore equilibrium in their bodies, which means it never got truly restored to its original function. Add onto this the next injury and the next injury and we’ve got a body full of unresolved issues.

If you want to be the best rider you can be for your horse, it’s time to start unravelling those issues and restore equilibrium.

We can do that with movement. We can release fascia with resistance stretching, we can restore function through body weight movement patterns, and we can build future robustness with weights.

It takes time, patience and hard work but that’s everything with horses, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t let your horse be the lame, wonky half of the partnership, so don’t let it be you either!

Teensy bit of space left for dedicated Equestrians to work with me 121 in person or via Zoom. If you’re ready to restore Equilibrium in your body let me know!

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