Reflect on 2019

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I think this time in between Christmas and new year is a great time to reflect on your achievements this year before you start planning your 2020 goals.

Hiave you done some big stuff this year with your horse this year?

Won a big class? Qualified for a big event?

Perhaps you took up a new discipline or bought a new horse?

What about other stuff? Did you get a new job or do something mad like a sky dive?

Perhaps it’s something simpler like you managed to deals with your confidence issues better this year, stuck to an exercise habit or you made more time for friends and family.

These are all achievements that have contributed to your happiness this year so it is important to acknowledge them. 

I’ve grown my business with new classes and clients this year and  I’ve done two new qualifications. 

I started the year with one pony out with a serious injury, one in rehab for  minor issues and the other with a vet saying she was dangerous and I should consider having her put to sleep. I’m ending it with both injured ponies back in work and the other not being quite so scary anymore. 

Then I’ve got back in the gym properly and taken up Olympic Lifting. Orla and I also finally took up agility this year too-she’s a natural. 

Looking at this I realise how much I’ve achieved this year and if you’ve been with me on this journey you will know how many ups and downs there were along the way, and how many times I could have quite easily have thrown in the towel and swapped it for an office job and pet hamsters! 

Amongst my clients we’ve lost horses, gained horses, had lame horses, prize winning horses and lots of firsts of everything from getting on board to eventing. It’s been so important to have each other to remind us of how far we’ve come when at that moment it feels like we’ve gone nowhere at all.

So, before you start planning 2020 look at what you achieved in 2019. Be proud of yourself for those achievements, and then look at what you didn’t achieve and ask yourself why? Did circumstances just throw you off course (injuries and illness etc) or did you just not want it hard enough? 

This will make planning 2020 a little clearer.

I’d love to know what you’ve achieved with your horse this year.

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