Pushing out of your comfort zone

If you want to achieve something you’ve never done before you’re going to have to start with steps you’ve never done before.

To achieve new things you’ll need to step outside your comfort zone.

As some of you will know I’m in the process of introducing my Fell pony Gwydion to new life experiences. That means him and me are doing lots of little steps outside of our comfort zone.

It can be hard and of course scary to take new steps and do things you’ve never done before.

For me & Gwyd that’s going to new scary arenas and going on tiny hacks – those things are super scary to me I promise!

For you that could be attending a new Pilates class or having a lesson with a new instructor.

If there is something you really want to achieve but it seems too scary break it down into smaller steps. I’m not saying those smaller steps won’t be scary too but if they’re a bit smaller they can seem more achievable.

For example if your goal is to compete at Dressage but the whole going to a new venue, warming up, doing the test etc all seems a big ask break it down and make it smaller.

Start with just going to new venues.

Start with doing online Dressage at home.

Go to a test riding clinic so it’s almost the same but not a competition.

Go to the venue on foot on a competition day so you can scope out where everything is, what the atmosphere is like etc.

Then lot’s of the elements such as the venue and the test riding bit aren’t new to you so it’s just joining them altogether that’s the new bit. Which is now a much smaller jump because you’ve got the other steps there already.

Want to join a Pilates Class or invest in a Personal Trainer but the thought of exercising in public terrifies you? Start with an online class, then once you feel more comfortable convince a friend to go with you to a class. Or top tip sign up to be one of my clients and I promise you’ll be so busy chatting horse nonsense and laughing and you’ll completely forget you’re even exercising!

Whatever it is, remember if you want to grow you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone……but those steps can be as big or small as you make them.

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