Proper Training is Boring

Proper Training looks boring.

One look at Social Media will tell you that training has to be sexy and novel to be effective.

To be “Rider Specific” Social Media will show you mad balancing exercises and ever complicated moves requiring special equipment.

In reality proper training looks really basic and in all honesty not that sexy.

Riding is a sport and in all sports there will be Strength and Conditioning.

If we look at other sports such as Rugby, Football or Triathlon the Strength and Conditioning work initially looks the same.


Riding Strength and Conditioning should be no different.

That’s what the majority of my client sessions look like.

It’s not exciting, it doesn’t make for super fun Insta posts but it’s the foundations of a strong and efficient body.

Then there may be some accessory work that could be a little more novel or “riding specific” if that’s what you’re after.

Often the more novel exercises are used to help develop a feel for something or help join some dots together as to which muscles should be used and how this affects the rest of the body. But this will be a small part often at the end of the session-after we’ve done the proper work.

If you’re looking to work on your own fitness to improve your riding performance start with the basics.


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