Pre Ride Check In

Do you do any pre ride checks? Maybe you always check your girth just before you get on, even though you literally just checked it. Perhaps you do a little stretch of your horses front legs?

Do you ever check in with how your body feels before you get on? Or how it feels when you get on?

Being aware of any tension, tightness etc before you get on or pick up your schooling means you can address them before you start. 

Before you get on just have a little check in with how your body feels. Anywhere you feel tension move it a little whether that’s arm rolls, torso rotations or some long stretchy lunges just give your body a chance to wake up and release tension.

When you get on , how do you feel? Can you feel any tension now? Do you need to adjust your position, do any stretching? Are you sat level?

I like to do a little mental check in with my body whilst I’m tacking up and putting my hat on to see which bits of me need a pre ride warm up. Ok, full disclosure I sometimes do weird long lunges and windmill arms whilst walking across the yard……….I call it a time efficient pre ride warm up.

Then when I get on whilst I’m doing the first walk around the arena seeing how the horse feels today I also check in with how I feel sat on a horse today. Do I need to drop a leg out of the stirrup to help that leg hang better? Do I need to open up my right rib cage a little more?

Once I’ve done this it means my body is much better prepared to ride as well as I can. 

Do you prepare yourself before you ride?


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