Pre Crazy Christmas

Well, we are just days away from Christmas day-I hope you’ve done all of your shopping!

I also hope you are going to get some time off to spend with your four legged friend.

Do you get your horse a Christmas Present? I’d love to know what you get them?


I know this can be a really busy period for some people whether you are still working or just with lots of social events to negotiate, it can actually be really difficult to spend any time with your horse at all!

Don’t beat yourself up about that. If you do have time to ride but not much, just spending 20 mins schooling, lungeing or a stroll around the block is still a valuable use of your time spent with your horse.

Your horse also probably won’t mind a few days off. I think it does us good to spend a few days immersed in Muggle Culture –Y’know with hair free of hay etc. if nothing else to remind us why we would rather not spend all year doing it!

I find having a plan in place helps immensely though. So have a sit down now and go through the next week or so putting in social commitments and how you will fit in the essentials of feeding, mucking out etc. and if you might need some help have you got it organised?

That way you can party on knowing your horse is taken care of.

Those of you that do all the fun stuff at this time of year such as Fancy Dress rides, Boxing Day hunting etc. I’d love to see what you’re up too and if you send over some pics I might feature you on my Facebook or Instagram!

Have a lovely Christmas, my herd of Four Legged Fluffies Pearl, PoppyMay, Douglas, Bernard and Dan Send Best Wishes to your Four Legged Fluffies xx


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