Positive Pony Talk for 2018

I hope you had a nice Christmas, and got some nice presents for your horse…..

I usually take this time to reflect on my year and most importantly to look back on all the positive things that have happened.

I know it can be too easy to focus on what didn’t go well particularly if some significantly awful things have happened. However I find no matter what downs the year had celebrating the ups no matter how small can reframe your feeling about the year gone by.

I feel incredibly fortunate that 2018 has been an amazing year for me both professionaly and personally.

I’ve had the best time in my classes and with my 121 clients this year, seriously we have had way to much fun that I can’t believe it’s actually my job! It’s not all been messing about though we actually got results too and I’m really proud of the part I have played in everyone’s success this year from the cracking that rising trot to sorting out that wobbly shoulder or sitting more level you are all amazing working so hard to make yourselves better for your horse.

I’ve also had lots of fun teaching demos and clinics and hope to do more of that in 2019.

If you will follow my social media you will know that operation driving pony went slightly awry as PoppyMay got booted out of driving school! But sometimes fate is trying to do what’s best for you and instead I bought Douglas who is just the absolute best driving pony I could wish for and now we just need to get some transport to get us out and about next year! So turns out I achieved my driving pony goal just not in the way I expected, and PoppyMay is making a nice riding pony anyway ……

There have been loads of other great things that have happened and I’ve done lots of happy dances this year so I just want to thank all of my lovely clients, those crazy ladies that come to my classes I am blessed to have such an amazing tribe to work with.

I also want to thank all of you who have responded to me on my emails, social media etc. and those of you I have seen out and about-sorry if I look freaked out I forget people can see me on the internet! But honestly I am flattered you’re all still reading and watching.

So firstly I want you to have a think about all the positive things that have happened to you this year-not necessarily horse related but maybe you’ve finally got that bitting issue sorted, or got more Canter strike offs on the right leg than not-it’s the small stuff sometimes.

Secondly, how can I help you in 2019? What do you need help with? What would you like me to offer that can help you?


Let me know and I will do my best to deliver, now I’m off to scoot on my carriage!

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