Passenger or Participant?

When you’re riding are you consciously controlling the outcome? Do you ask for trot see what happens then just start rising to whatever you’re given or do you use your seat, legs etc to ask for the trot you want whether that be faster or slower than what your horse has given you?


I think it can be really easy to get a bit lazy with riding and just go through the motions, like as long as your travelling in the direction you intended in the gait you requested then that’s good enough. Yet as riders we get extremely frustrated when people say we just sit there whilst the horses does all the work……


Now I’m not saying every ride should be like a gruelling bootcamp but you should definitely feel like you’ve put some effort in with your own body. 


If you ask for an active trot but don’t get it, then use your seat to ask for more. If you want to slow it down slow your own body down. I know this can be hard work if you aren’t used to it but riding is a sport and as the rider you should be an active participant. 


You should be using enough muscles that you are carrying your own body in self carriage which makes it much easier for the horse to then carry himself.


Perhaps ask yourself next time you ride how much you’re actually participating versus just being a passenger… might be time to up your game.


If you want some help becoming a better athlete for your horse whether that’s grass roots or Grand Prix I’ve got some limited spaces for 121 training -all outside or under the covered barn!

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