Not enough ab work?

As Core Stability is mentioned so much when we discuss rider fitness it is often a surprise that I do so little ab work in my sessions. 

The thing is, although the abdominals are indeed an important part of your stability as a rider they are not working in isolation. 

The Abdominals are working in conjunction with the Back and Hip muscles which further then work with your Shoulders and Arms and Legs. 

That means your abdominals need to be able to activate whilst moving and co operating with a whole host of other muscles. 

So it would make no sense to train them in isolation if the goal is to make them stronger whilst functioning as part of your body’s team. 

What we actually do is lot’s of movement’s that require stability from your abdominals whether they be working isometrically or during movement.

Big Moves like Squats and Deadlifts, Upper body moves such as Over head press or Bent Over Row all require stability from the Abdominals whilst moving limbs and stabilising the Hips and Shoulders. 

We also do various moving Planks and Side Planks and standing balance exercises that all improve core stability without having to isolate the abdominals.

So if you want to improve your Core Stability for riding, think outside the box a little more than traditional ab exercises.

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