Miracles don’t happen overnight

It’s accepted that training a young horse from unbacked to well schooled takes time. 

Yet so often people will train with me, come to my classes, start the online programme etc and expect things to change very quickly. 

You don’t expect your horse to improve from one schooling session so why would you?

If you were teaching your horse new things you’d teach it in small chunks and expect only a little bit of progress each time. Some sessions might feel like there was no progress at all, but you still come back to it and keep trying.

If your horse is coming back from injury you don’t take him from one session right up to advanced work in a couple of weeks.

These things take time, patience small steps done consistently to see real improvement.

You are exactly the same!

One exercise class won’t make you Lottie Fry! 

It might make you a little more aware of what you need to do or what your body is up to but you’re still going to have to keep taking small steps, putting in the work consistently and over time things will start to feel different. You can’t skip the steps in the middle though. 

Think of your own training like your horses training. Look at your strengths weaknesses, consider how to address them then start putting in the work with small steps consistently.

Miracles don’t happen over night, but if you stick with it you might just get magic!

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