Mindful Riding

When you’re riding do you ever really focus on exactly what you’re doing and feeling? 


Not just focusing on the movement your are doing or the aids but how your own body feels and how it’s reacting, how your horse feels and their reactions to you. 


This is  Mindful riding . The act of switching off from your day and what is going on around you to focus on the present moment of riding your horse and how that feels right now. 


Sometimes in my classes we do exercises on body awareness and I ask them to close their eyes as it helps to focus on what you can feel happening in your body. 


I’m not suggesting riding with your eyes closed -although if you have a safe horse doing just a few steps with your eyes closed can be really helpful. 


I am suggesting trying to be really present on what your body is doing, how does it feel? Are you sat level and light ? Do you give equal aids left to right?


Is you horse responsive to your aids? How does your horse feel? Is he relaxed or tense? 


Just spending some time tuning in and really focusing on you and your horse can really help in knowing what you need to do to move forward in your partnership.


Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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