Make being healthy easy

We are still going through some really uncertain times at the moment which means many of you may not have got back into your healthy habits. You’re still having a gin and tonic on your 10 am work Zoom meeting aren’t you?


The thing is although this year has been a huge out of the ordinary test for everyone, regardless of that there will always be stressful, testing times to throw you off course. 


That shouldn’t make them excuses to not hit your healthy lifestyle goals.


You just need to make your healthy habits easy to stick to. 


It’s not about being all kale smoothies and daily 10k runs, its about small, easy to stick to habits done consistently.


So maybe start with just one at a time.


  • Buy a reusable water bottle and aim to finish it every day.
  • Try not eating snacks after your evening meal during the week. 
  • Do two 20 minute exercise or stretching sessions per week (I’ve got an online programme perfect for this….) 


Also just because you maybe don’t do as well one day doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You just draw a line under it and try to do better the next day.


Plan your workouts and riding sessions etc. In your diary as if they were important work meetings at the beginning of the week so you know where they are fitting in.


Plan your meals and your snacks. They don’t need to all be “healthy” they just need to stop you steering off track completely. So three proper meals and then maybe 1 or 2 small snacks used tactically as a mid afternoon pick me up and then a pre or post ride one or whatever works for you.


Full disclosure I eat chocolate most days-that’s proper, full sugar milk chocolate not some raw, cocao based healthy option. 


Don’t feel like that run? Go for a walk, do some yoga whatever you choose, just honour the commitment to do something for your body. 


Make it small, make it consistent and it will start to just become what you do all the time.

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