Lower Leg Gains


We have been talking about various different issues involving the lower leg over the past few weeks.


To be honest in the majority of cases whether your lower leg slips forward or back the issue still comes down to instability of the pelvis.


This can be down to numerous muscle groups surrounding it being weak, dysfunctional etc. I have dealt with hip stability a fair bit, and to be honest I will refer back to it often as it really can’t be emphasised enough how fundamental it is to good riding.


In this instance I am going to focus on strengthening the abductors. These are the muscles of the bottom and outer hip most notably Glute Maximus, medius and minimus along with Tensor Fascia lata.


These muscles by their very group name abduct the hip which means they take the leg away from the body-for example each time you give a leg aid you will very subtlety (or perhaps less subtlety if it’s an old fashioned pony club kick!) abduct the hip. They are automatically contracted when we sit on a horse however as discussed previously they can be “over shortened” and “tight” and need to be strong in order to hold our leg in good alignment in the saddle with the knees and feet still pointing forward rather than in or out. They are also vital for good strength and stability in rising trot. If you have ridden a big moving horse you will know the feeling of a wobble at the top of a rise. You will also know that in order to create a forward, active trot the oomph needs to come from your hips in order to activate the oomph in your horse. If you do not have the strength and stability to create this you will struggle to ride forward and may well resort to nagging with your legs-which is more abduction that will cause you more instability……………..


So, let’s get to work.


You can do these exercises individually or as a little circuit.


You can do them with or without the resistance band.

Lying leg lift


Fire hydrant


Heel press


Kneeling Squat



Feel those booty burning lower leg stability gains!

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