Keeping on track for Chri…….

Ok, it still feels a but early for me but I’m going to mention C word…..

Yep, December is racing towards us which means many of you will be off into a tail spin of Office parties, parties with friends, family etc. 

Add into that cold, dark nights, maybe rain, wind, ice…...and it can be hard to get motivated to do anything!

Which means your riding and your riding fitness can go out of the window.

Lots of people also just give up and say they’ll get back on it in January, as there is just no point with all the upheaval.

To that I say horsesh!t! Well you’ll probably still be shovelling it so you may as well keep on track with the good bits!

The thing is firstly accepting that yes you may not be able to put in a perfect performance with your riding and fitness in December but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.Think about how much harder it will be to get started in January if you haven’t even kept the habit up! Not to mention the extra work you’ll have to put in when it’s still wet and cold to get you on track for your spring and summer goals.

Get your diary out now and slot in all your socialising and then plan your riding and your fitness around it. 

Maybe you’ll have to shorten your sessions but 20 minutes of schooling can be hugely beneficial as can 20 minutes of exercise whether that is Cardio, weights or yoga. 

Whatever it is you plan to do to keep yourself ticking over make a plan so when you’re a bit frazzled you don’t need to then plan your schooling and exercise sessions as well!

Maybe you could book into for some Christmas fun rides, fancy dress Dressage or Pole clinics to keep you on track.

I’m taking on a walk 50 miles in 12 days challenge to keep me exercising when busyness threatens to over whelm me.

I’ve also got an even better idea that will cover both your schooling and your exercise motivation-why not sign up to the OnForm Equestrian Advent Challenge! 24 days of schooling and exercise sessions with weekly check ins to keep you on track and help you along the way if you get stuck……..all for only £24! Head over to our page to sign up -

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