It’s all in The Hips

I’m sure you know how important your hips are as a rider. They are your main source of communication with your horse. They give aids, receive feedback as well as help you stay on board.

Unfortunately, our hips are also responsible for an awful lot day in day out and that can cause them to become less mobile. They may feel stiff or tight or perhaps they just won’t do as they’re told!

These are two great EquiPilates™ exercises that can help you to articulate your hips better.

One of them is standing and requires no equipment (except a good soundtrack and plenty of sass!) and the other uses the Gym Ball.

This exercise forms part of the EquiPilates™ Standing Series.

Trotting Hips

Standing up with your spine in neutral (Think tailbone tucked under, stomach pulled back to spine.) Keeping your rib cage still and imagine that your spine is a pole directly through your body. Swivel your hips one at a time around the pole your knee will bend as you do this. I think it helps to imagine you are the front two legs of your horse trotting.

Video Link.

Push the Button.

The second is similar but sat down on a Gym Ball. I find this one easier. Sitting up tall, sat on the ball feet flat on the floor hip width apart in front of you. Push one knee forward as if to press a button in front of you, return it and then push the other knee forward. Start slow and then increase the pace. You are looking to keep your hips level as you do this and the ball should not wiggle around too much.

Video Link.

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