It was worth it

Well it’s Christmas Eve and hopefully you’re on the good list so you’ll be getting lots of lovely presents for your pony…….that’s usually how it works isn’t it!

I hope you’re going to get at least a little extra time over the next few days to spend with your horse-maybe you’re a Christmas ride kind of person.

Maybe you’ve got a little extra time between now and New Year to reflect on the year you and your horse have had.

What were your goals at the beginning of the year?

What have you achieved?

Did those goals change?

What did you do well for/with your horse this year?

What could you have done better for/with your horse this year?

There’s always curveballs with horses so it’s best not to be too hung up on whether you hit specific goals if lameness and other stuff cropped up that wasn’t expected. Just focus on what did happen this year and what positives you can draw from those-perhaps you did rehab really well this year, or your horse was well behaved on box rest-I’ve had those years and these things count as a win!

Of course if you did smash your goals this year that’s awesome and i hope your positivity train continues in 2022.

Either way you’ve made it through and I’m sure you have done the best job you could all year, so grab your Bailey’s (or other festive drink of choice!) reflect on the ups and downs and remind yourself why all the hard work was worth it-You’ve hands down got the prettiest/handsomest horse in the yard. 

Have a lovely Christmas xx

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