Insurance policy for injury

Riders that exercise off horse can fall into a couple of different camps.

Those that want to be fitter, stronger etc generally.

Those that want it to directly influence their riding so-core, symmetry etc.

And those that do it under duress because their instructor is constantly telling them to strengthen their core!

I’ve got all of those types in my mix of classes and 121 clients.

However what many don’t consider and yet it’s probably one of the most important reasons to train off horse is prevention and fast recovery from injury.

One of the biggest reasons for muscles strains, ligament damage etc. Is a limb being taken past it’s comfortable range of motion.

So, it stands to reason the more flexible you are the bigger range you will have before an injury occurs.

Secondly a stable joint-that is one supported by strong muscles is better able to withstand force whether that be just the absorption of force from riding a horse or from a more direct force being applied to it like a kick for example.

Of course the inevitable can still happen as horses are big powerful animals and the ground is most definitely hard!

However if a joint, tendon or ligament already has a supportive network of muscles surrounding it the healing and indeed strengthening process is much quicker. You may have noticed top athletes recover much quicker from injuries and are back to top performance much quicker than that lady in work who still can’t put full weight on the ankle she broke 5 years ago…….Of course athletes also put full effort into rehab programmes and that is something you should co wider for your own injuries. However this process is much easier if there was a base of strength to work from initially.

Another way to demonstrate this is an injury recovery in an elderly person versus a younger person. It is not merely the age that is the factor here it is because as we age our muscle mass declines UNLESS we actively continue to train it and therefore build it. So an elderly person is more likely to have very little muscle mass to support the injury versus the youngster.

So, whilst most of us still have a little extra time on our hands why not consider starting a strength programme-it doesn’t have to involve heavy weights or equipment your own body weight will do. Just think of it as your insurance policy for old age and injury.

If you would like some help with bullet proofing your body I have space for 121 clients-currently via Zoom of course!

Nicola x

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