If you’re self aware enjoy the ride

Very often clients will say to me they aren’t good enough for their horse because they can’t do xyz……

The reason they come to me is because they want to get better for their horse. Which means they at least have self awareness of what may be limiting their lack of progression. Which I’d say is more likely to achieve progression versus someone doing the same thing over and over with no awareness of how they could do something different to improve their performance. 

Very often riders who want to get better can be their own worst critics, yet those who are seeking to improve are usually doing a lot more right than wrong. 

If you’re aware that your hands are pulling back on your horses mouth, you’re more likely to stop doing it, if you’re aware you sit to the left more you’re more likely to start putting more weight to the right. 

So, if you’re aware of the things that can be improved you’re much more likely to fix them than someone who isn’t even considering there could be areas for improvement. 

 My style of training encourages people to spot patterns and to be aware of what their body is doing when it moves, that makes it a transferable skill to add to their riding. Spotting the patterns, noticing the movement so that you can begin the path of improvement.

Even professional riders will be constantly critiquing their performance and looking for areas of improvement. There will always be something that could be just a little bit better. 

Riding is a life long journey that I think pretty much no one ever actually completes! As long as you’re striving to be the best that you can be for your horse then really should just enjoy the ride!

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