I know it’s uncomfortable

People assume my clients are all fit, athletic folk……..98% of my clientele is already laughing reading this!

They aren’t. They are all amazing human beings though.

So many of them were completely new to my form of exercise other than riding! Some of them aren’t even currently riding for various reasons. 

Yet, that hasn’t stopped them from stepping outside their comfort zones and starting their journey’s to becoming more comfortable with exercise. 

It’s about getting started. 

It’s about working with someone who gets it

I know what it feels like to be intimidated walking into a new class or a gym.

I know what it feels like to not be able to do something, to struggle getting your body to participate. I understand that “rest in Downward Dog” is the words of a lunatic for a while in Yoga. 

Once upon a time you couldn’t do rising trot, I bet you barely get into trot now without just rising automatically-change your diagonal though…..

So, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking you should probably be trying to up your game to be the rider your horse deserves but it feels too far out of your comfort zone just take the first step.

Go to that new exercise class, join that gym, or close the curtains and do some squats in the living room. If you can just keep making that one step I promise it starts to feel more comfortable.

Also, lots of people on that class or gym will be feeling exactly the same as you do right now but like you they were brave enough to show up.

If you’re not the exercising out of the house type then my online programme is suitable for all levels, all you have to do is sign up and press play!

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