I forgot to write a blog post so here’s a free workout

Ok, full disclosure I forgot what day it was-it’s a miracle I did all the online sessions I was booked in for! So I haven’t written a blog this week. I was going to leave it because obviously it’s not a serious omission, no one dies if it doesn’t happen but it kind of didn’t feel right. Particularly whilst many of you will have more time on your hands and therefore be eager for things to do.


So, here is something to fill some time and hopefully help to keep the Easter Egg weight at bay. This is a session I wrote for one of my 121 clients for her home workout during this time in lockdown. I’ve filmed it in the arena using a mounting block but you could use a chair, footstool, sturdy table or the sofa whatever you have access to.




This can be done as single exercises as say 3 rounds of 10 reps or as a circuit 10 reps for 3 rounds, whichever way works best for you.


If you’ve got any questions you want answering, anything I can help you with at this time ask away and I might just write a blog about it.


Nicola x


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