Getting Started

The thing with riders is that often we’re so beat up from various injuries etc that the very idea of exercise seems impossible.Just getting your body to move into these seemingly strange positions is exhausting and feels all kinds of wrong.

Which is exactly why you need to start!

Having a body you can control well and make it do what you ask if a huge step in improving your riding. 

A body that moves well is less likely to be in pain or injured. It will recover better from injury when things do go wrong and it will perform better day to day making everything feel that little bit easier.

The hardest part is getting started and accepting it’s going to feel awkward for a bit. 

So why not start with a little yoga flow that will get your body on the way to moving better all round. It doesn’t matter if it yours doesn’t look like mine just do your best and with practice it will get better.

For more of this why not take a look at my online programme, it’s just 20-25 minutes of two workouts per week designed to give you everything you need to improve own body to ride better. There’s also a bonus HIIT workout every week if you want to push it a little harder. Waaaaay more affordable than you think it is too!

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