Getting in shape for the season.

Eventing Season is imminent, and for the non Eventers; Camps and general more horse activity season is also imminent. 

Are you excited? Or are you now in a flap because neither you or your horse is fit enough?

It’s ok, you’ve got time to get your act together!

Time to make a plan.

Speak with your horse’s physio and your instructor to make a plan for your horse’s fitness.

As for your fitness I guess it depends on what your plans are this summer. 

If you are Eventing I’m sure you want to ride at your best, do you and your horse justice finishing your round strong. Most importantly you want to be fit enough to keep riding for the whole round, this is not just for performance reasons but also for safety reasons. 

If you’re attending weekend camps with multiple lessons per day I’m sure you’d like to be able to ride your best throughout so you get the most enjoyment - and improvement out of them.  

These things are going to take muscular endurance, cardio fitness along with the every day riding requirements of stability and mobility. 

This sounds way more complicated than it is. 

Realistically this can be done in 3-4 workouts per week and they don’t need to be hours long or have you drowning in a pool of sweat, wanting to vomit-unless that’s what you’re into. 

You just need to focus on the basics. 

For Cardio, keep it simple. 20-30 minutes of running, cycling, swimming, dancing whatever you’re most likely to actually stick to. Or you could do shorter HIIT sessions. 

Then add in a resistance workout either bodyweight or with whatever weights you have available. If you’re new to exercise and want something bespoke I suggest you have a coach who specialises in riders help you……I’m one of those!

If you want something lower budget - I’m aware how expensive this whole horse thing is I’m right in there with you; then my Online Programme will cover all you need to get Riding fit for Eventing or whatever else you’re doing and it’s tiny money!

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