Fitting it all in

More so than ever before riders are being told they need to pay more attention to their nutrition, fitness and overall lifestyle. Of course trying to manage all that on top of work, family and a horse is A LOT!

In my job I work with lots of super busy women, often mums with full time jobs and ambitions to rise up the Eventing levels with their horse…….clearly to occupy their spare time!

These women are high achievers across the board and I actually learn a huge amount myself by training them.

So much so, I’m going to pass on some of that wisdom to you so hopefully you can become even more of a rockstar than you already are.

The most important steps are Goal Setting, Planning and Organisation.

Goal Setting. My clients that are achieving great things are very clear about where they are going. At the beginning of the year I sent everyone a Goal Setting sheet and those that filled it in with specific training clinics and events throughout the season clearly defined are very much on track to achieve those goals.

Take some time to have a clear think about what you want to achieve. Write it down and then break down the steps needed to get there.

Plan your Time: Open your diary and plan where everything fits. And I mean everything! What have you got to fit in for the kids, work, etc, when are you doing the food shop and other life admin stuff. Then slot in your riding time, what will your sessions consist of etc.

Plan Your Sessions: Don’t waste sessions. I promise, that you and your horse will benefit more from fewer better quality sessions than more unfocused sessions. So plan exactly what you will be working on in each session whether it’s an off or on horse session.

Struggling to keep your nutrition on track? Again this comes down to planning. Planning doesn’t have to mean making everything from scratch, just planning what you will be eating, shopping and preparing accordingly. If your lifestyle doesn’t involve cooking then having easy to assemble meals, pre made porridge pots, protein shakes and fruit are a great way to make good nutrition a little easier. But you need to plan to have those foods available in order to actually eat them.

Stay Organised: Each evening, check your diary for the following day. What clothes do you need (I actually out my clothes out for the next day the night before as I can’t make decision on the appropriate leggings and hoodie combo ay 4.45am!) What food do you need to take with you? Is it pre prepared if required?

Is your exercise equipment easy to get to? Is all your tack where it’s supposed to be?

Do you know what your sessions are-refer back to the plan I told you to make earlier…….

So much of it comes down to don’t waste time!

I know it can feel like a lot and that everything is a military operation but I promise if you really do want to achieve those things you set out in your initial goal setting the planning and organising will all be worth it.

If you’d like some more help with goal setting, planning and then achieving those goals I’m taking on Online only clients to do exactly that! Less than the cost of 1 2 1 face to face training but with all the support, check in and knowledge to get you where you want to go!

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