Farm Foods….

Well we have had a little taste of some spring weather-if you blinked you may have missed it!

However with the clocks going forward we can’t be too far away from light nights and long weekends at the stables. These are the days that make all the mud wading through winter worth it.

With those long days at the yard our diet can go one of two ways.

  1. We don’t eat all day
  2. We eat unhealthy convenience food.

Both of these options can leave us lacking in energy and concentration which is bad news for riding our horses.

We often forget to think of our own nutrition for riding but it is every bit as important as our horses in terms of performance. If we do not provide ourselves with adequate fuel we will lack the strength and energy to ride at the best of our ability.

This can be difficult if we are eating on the run at the yard but with a little planning there are some great options.

  • Instant porridge is great. It can be bought in pots and you just need to add water and within minutes you have a healthy, filling and tasty meal. You can keep them in your tack room ready for whenever you need them.
  • Protein shakes. These can be made up in advance and shaken up before drinking or take a shaker with the powder in and you can add water or milk when you want it.
  • Snacks like nuts, granola or protein bars make great filling options that can be kept in a cupboard at the yard-make it a vermin proof box if you can though.
  • Prepare in advance. I know you think you don’t have time but I promise you start it becomes a really quick, efficient process which means you always have a healthy meal prepared, ready to take to the yard with you.
  • Take some fruit with you –and share with your horse!

So next time you are in the supermarket drop in a few healthy yard snacks to fuel you up for a summer of riding success.


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